After the asteroid strikes, your skies will be darkened by the smoke that rages from the colossal underwater crater.   During the blackest days, it will be dark at noon.   The thick layers of smoke will work like a greenhouse and your planet will rapidly heat up.   When the smoke fades, the moon will appear blood red through the toxic haze.   Famine and disease will begin to spread.   Severe aftershocks will go on for months, and your coastlines will be decimated by tsunamis.   Deadly poisons will slowly infiltrate all of your natural water supplies.   Eventually ALL your natural fresh water supplies will be contaminated.  The poisoned water and the blistering heat will lead to madness.  As the extinction of human life approaches and all hope seems lost, THE CHRIST will return, and miraculously heal your planet.  


The Christ's second coming will be witnessed by far more people than his first coming.   As it is written;  EVERY eye will witness the Lord's return.  Christ's magnificent Heavenly City will descend from the sky, and all people will watch with great astonishment.


When New Jerusalem slowly descends from space, the Lord's predestined human beings (from every nations) will rise up to meet Christ in the air.  In that moment, in a brief twinkling of the eye, they will be changed from human to angel, and they will return with Christ (and the other Holy Angels) in the city of New Jerusalem.   


Before our city lands on the mountains of Israel, it's very slow descent will take several days.  Not unlike the way you see your sun pass by each and everyday, you will see New Jerusalem in the sky each day, as the earth rotates by.  As our magnificent city gets closer and closer to your planet, each day you will more clearly see the spectacular glory of our city.


During that time, a magnificent cool glow will emanate from your sun. It will become seven times brighter than the current brightness of your sun, and your dieing planet will be miraculously regenerated right before your eyes (like a time lapse video).  Sadly, most of  your world's leaders will refuse to be changed.   They will stubbornly believe that their god has healed the planet, and your Realists will believe that nature has healed itself.  Your religious leaders will declare that the asteroid was a weapon deliberately used against humanity.  And the rumor will be spread that the "alien devils" of  New Jerusalem are planning the extinction of the human race.  


At the end of Christ's one thousand years on earth, the leaders of your world will prepare a final military assault against New Jerusalem.  Needless to say, it will fail.  


In the end, all imperfection will be eliminated.  Your planet will be evaporated by your sun, but do not be dismayed.   There will be a New World and New Heaven, and the beginning of  a New Glorious Era!   An Era of Eternal Righteousness throughout the Cosmos!


A few hundred years after the crucifixion of Jesus, the Roman Empire turned to a form of christianity but it was never the suppressed and forgotten biblical message they embraced.   Instead, they created an earthly version of  Christianity that focuses on BELIEVING and TITHING instead of  Hope and HEAVENLY LOVE.    


Today, the religious leaders of  your world (from every nation) divert their blame.  They blame their forefathers for persecuting God's messengers, but just as their forefathers did, your religious leaders foolishly ask;  What have WE done to so anger the Lord?  


The answer is simple:


You so adore yourselves, and you so adore your corrupt temporary world, you changed The Christ and drowned his ancient message of  judgment, repentance, mercy, hope, and HEAVENLY LOVE.



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