Human beings are not the worst creatures in the cosmos but at your core, you are self-centered, self-loving, meat-eating predatory animals.  Sadly, most of you are proud of it.  


Your religious zealots foolishly believe they have the Mind of God even though their brainstem is much like the brain of a snake.


Surely you remember the ancient story of Adam and Eve?  The serpent was their primal inner nature expressed by their primal inner voice NOT a cartoonish talking snake.  Consider this simple but very profound thought;  THE VERY FIRST HUMAN COUPLE was kicked out of the Garden of  Eden, and of their two sons Cane and Abel, one murdered the other.  Wake-up!  And stop listening to your religious leaders!  Your world was NEVER good!  


Even though our Lord filled Adam's small garden with the Spirit of Heavenly Love, Adam and Eve's animal nature overcame Heavenly Love.  Since the very beginning, the truth eventually fails on your brutal survival of the fittest planet.  


Part 2

From the very beginning, our ancient message condemned the business of religion regardless of denomination or name.  During the Era of the Judges, the BUSINESS of religion was completely outlawed.  ONE AND ONLY ONE National Temple was permitted for the entire nation of Israel (a nation of millions and millions of people).  In the beginning, the one and only temple was made up of tents.  The tent temple was used until King Solomon built a temple of wood, stone, and metal.  The primary purpose of the temple was to house the Arc of the Covenant.  The Arc was created to protect our unpopular message from destruction and distortion.  


As generations passed from the Era of the Judges, into and through the Era of the Kings, tolerant leaders came to power who foolishly permitted the business of religion to re-grow and re-flourish.  Eventually there were places of worship on every street but then (within a few generations) a "RIGHTEOUS" king would arise.  The righteous king would have all the religious establishments burned to the ground, and all their priests and pastors executed.  After the "righteous" kings death, the downward spiral would be repeated.  Within a few short generations, the streets would again be filled with thriving religious businesses "high places" until another "righteous" king would arise and burn them all to the ground.  There were only a few short generations on your planet when our cosmic REALITY was widely known by a single nation of human beings.  During most generations our message has been almost completely lost. 


Your people easily recognize religious extremism in other countries, and in other ethnicities, but they do not grasp how close the danger is to their own front door.  Your world is teetering on the brink of a time when evil bullies will assume all power, and your rights will be lost.


Primarily within the Book of Acts, you can still find the only evidence left that the first and only authentic churches were COMMUNES.  The members gave 100% of their wealth to the commune of the poor.  The apostles redistributed that wealth according to need.  The people of the communes did not consider any possessions to be their own.  And the apostles did NOT lift themselves up in the earthly hierarchy.  


Another interesting point is that the word "apostle" simply and literally means AMBASSADOR.  They righteously refused to wear royal religious costumes, and they righteously refused to accept flattering religious titles like Pastor, Priest, or Doctor.  The translators of your Bible deliberately left the word "apostle" untranslated to create for themselves one more holy religious title that they could use within their evil spiritual hierarchy.  To this very day, they foolishly see themselves and humanity as the center of the universe. 


Our ambassadors were very clear when they warned the first Christians NOT to love the world that YOU live in.  To be even more precise, they wrote that anyone who loves your world is the enemy of God.  (John 18:36  -  John 17:14,16  -  John 15:19  -  John 8:23  -  James 4:4  -  1st John 2:15)


Rich human beings cannot help but love your world.  Only the poorest and most abused human beings TRULY understand the depth of injustice that exists on your planet.  Because they experience those injustices FIRSTHAND, it is the most beaten down, lowly people who are most inclined to embrace our message.

Jesus said that the path to death is wide and that most human beings enter through that wide gate that leads to death.  In contrast, Jesus said that the path to eternity is narrow, and "there are FEW who find it".  


Just to be abundantly clear, it is not the wise nor the intelligent who find the path to eternity.  And it is not the strong nor the proud.  Instead, it is the poor and downtrodden.  It is the weak and the lame.  


Consider this profound thought:  When you are at death's door you are at your weakest.  Some human beings finally accept the truth and ASK to be changed during the process of death.


Several of Jesus' key parables declare that The King of  Heaven is farming a relatively small number of eternal people on your planet earth.  His predestined human beings are likened to the fruits of the farmer's field.  


In some of the parables, the Lord's adopted people are represented by the ripe olives or grapes.  In other parables they are compared to the tiny wheat kernels used to make bread.  In the Wheat Parable, Jesus compares himself to the wheat farmer who only covets the valuable tiny kernels from the large flowing fields of amber grain.  After the harvest, the rest of plant and all the weeds are burned and destroyed.  


While standing on earth Jesus said;  He who does not hate his own life in this world cannot be my disciple.  (Luke 14:26 & John 12:25)


Jesus was very clear that no human being was better than John the Baptist so let's consider the person of John.  John lived in the wilderness because he could not bare the violence and strife that he found in the cities.  He wore animal skins and ate locusts and honey to survive.  He preached the doctrine of repentance that declares human beings to be animals who need to reject their own nature.


Think about the exterminating flood of Noah?  Our God is the God of Heavenly Love but he is also a God of Judgment and Justice.  He is the one who can save the Cosmos from the bullies and predators.


You may find it shocking to learn but during the decades after the Hebrew people were miraculously freed from Ancient Egypt, the God of  YOUR BIBLE ordered the complete extermination of several Middle Eastern cities.  As it is documented in your Bible, the Hebrew armies were ordered to slaughter entire populations including men, women, and children.  The point was to eliminate their CONTAGIOUS extremist ideologies. 


Within your old King James New Testament, the word "charity" is an important key word that was mistranslated.  The correct translation is Heavenly Love.  In your old King James Bible the ancient Greek word for "Heavenly Love" is usually mistranslated to simply read "love" but the sixth group of translators appointed by King James created even more confusion by mistranslating the word to read "charity".  Surely Heavenly Love is charitable but their mistranslation hides the most important message of  First Corinthians Chapter 13.


Part 3

This is our advice to you:  Reject the world that you live in and hope for ours.  Reject your nature and hope for ours.  ASK our Lord to change you into one of us.  You should also fast (take temporary breaks from eating) so that you can learn to control your dysfunctional nature.  Then, find your Spiritual brothers and sisters.  When you come in contact with them, the Christ will give you the Spirit of Heavenly Love.  You won't be perfect as long as you are a human being but you will find peace through the HEAVENLY LOVE that can be experienced only between people who are filled with the Spirit of our God.


Heavenly Love is the only unbreakable bond that can truly change your life.  


On the night before his crucifixion, Jesus clearly said to his disciples;  I do NOT pray for your world. (John 17:9) 


Jesus prayed only for his predestined people.  


When Jesus spoke in parables, his disciples asked;  But Lord, why do you speak so mysteriously in parables instead of speaking directly to the masses?  Jesus replied by saying that the mysteries of God are ONLY for those people destined for eternity.  


Our heavenly message does not apply to those who are destined for death.  Preaching The Word of Our God to extremists is like "throwing pearls to the swine".  


Our heavenly message is considered foolishness by the people of your world so you must become a fool to be wise in the eyes of our God.


A billion years from now, your species will be FORGOTTEN but there is HOPE for some of you.  Some of  you will be spiritually and physically changed, and you will live forever in a perfect paradise that is far beyond your current comprehension.  


REPENT not just for what you have done but for what you are!  And remember that our Lord hears the cries of the broken hearted, but he despises the confident!


If you refuse to believe the words of this website, read it with your own eyes in your own King James Bible:  The God of YOUR Bible "HATES" the proud.  (Prov 8:13  -  Prov 16:5  -  Psalms 119:78  -  Prov 15:25  -  Prov 13:3  -  2nd Tim 3:1-4  -  1st Peter 5:5)




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