The Prophecy


The time leading up to the Lord's return will begin cruel, both with wrath and fierce anger!


An asteroid the size of a mountain will slam into the Atlantic Ocean.  The asteroid's cataclysmic impact will cause your whole planet to shake violently.  


As the massive asteroid bursts through your atmosphere the greatest explosion will occur directly above the lands of The Great Flying Eagle.  In one day, your world's greatest empire will fall.  


In the weeks before the asteroid strike, your richest and most powerful elites will learn of the impending impact but they won't tell you.  


Those who heed our warnings will flee to higher ground but more than a billion people will die on the first day alone.  


In desperate need of a military to enforce their will, and a police-state to ensure a stable place for their servants ("their workers") your world's richest and most powerful private sector elites will quickly unite behind The Flying Eagle's old nemesis.  


Almost overnight, the Authoritarian Bear will rise to be your planet's last world-dominating empire.  


Although the empire will be Russian, the evil leader who assumes the ultimate power position will be a key surviving American who will deceitfully pretend to be a great advocate of democracy and human rights.  


The most unexpected surprise after a cataclysmic disaster will be the initial abundance that the Russian people will experience. In the beginning of the new empire, the Russian people will have far more than they need, but severe earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions will continue for months.  


From the enormous underwater crater a raging inferno will spew a toxic smog that will slowly poison your entire planet.  


Eventually your Atlantic Ocean will die.  The stench will be putrid.  The sight will be unbearable.


It may seem hard to imagine, but even after these detailed prophecies are precisely fulfilled, the pride of humanity will remain unbroken.   


During your planets three and a half year decline, both Moses and Elijah will implore humanity to reject self-serving ways of your species.  


They will urge you to embrace our better nature and our better way of life.  But then, 45 days before the return of Christ, both Moses and Elijah will be murdered in the streets of Jerusalem.  After the two murdered prophets arise, many of your people will finally reconsider and reject their ideologies. 


For the moment, put aside the ridiculous religious stories that you have been told.  During our world's revolution, the name of the leader who enticed one-third of our citizens was Lucifer.  


Lucifer is not the silly red horned monster that you have heard of.  


After your religious leaders changed our heavenly world into a mystical place made up of human beings, they recreated Lucifer to be a red horrifying movie monster with sharp teeth.  OBVIOUSLY a third of the people from the most advanced civilization in the cosmos did not join a revolution led by a person who was clearly a monster.  Lucifer appeared and behaved just like your confident religious leaders.  He always believed that he was right, and he always considered himself to be righteous.  


The following quote (in blue) is a simple basic truth but it seems offensive and ridiculous to those who accept the red-horned version of Satan:


Lucifer is the "god of your world"!  


Lucifer is the god of nature as you know it.  He is the god who rewards the most cunning.  He is the god of natural selection.  It is not inaccurate for human beings to call him, Mother Nature. 


Like Lucifer, your religious leaders are so blinded by their arrogant and self-righteous nature, they sincerely believe they they are preaching the RIGHTEOUS word of God.  Beware of them more than any other group.  They have billions of  your people believing that DOUBTING their twisted version of God will result in eternal torture. 


Take a moment to consider their fictitious god, and just how truly evil he is.  Their god is a pompous egomaniac who above all else wants to be recognized, praised, and worshipped.  (Matt 4:9 & Luke 4:7)  


Their egomaniac god will forgive pimps and murderers as long as they bow down and worship him, but he will torture those who disrespect his name or doubt his existence.


The human beings destined for our world are like lost orphans searching for a better family, or abandoned aliens waiting for their mother ship to return.




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