The following is a message of warning sent to your galaxy from the most advanced civilization in the multiverse.  Our peaceful society has existed for billions of years.  We are reaching out to give your people information of the most vital importance.  Our interstellar capital city will arrive to earth three and a half years after a large asteroid makes impact with your planet.  At that time we will rescue your species and your planet from certain extinction.


Throughout the history of human civilization we have communicated with your people many different times but your leaders have rejected our warnings, and they have blocked our critical message from reaching the vast majority of your people.  


We are a people of science, facts, justice, peace and love.  Since the beginning it has always been your religious leaders who have destroyed and/or radically twisted our words.  They changed our message into a popular religious fantasy that they could sell for money.  Our heavenly world is not a retirement haven for human beings.  It is not a place in the clouds and our angelic people do not have wings.  We look like human beings but internally our construction is very different.  Our people and our great civilization existed billions years before the first human animal arose from the muck.


Your religious leaders do NOT represent us.  They use a perverted version of our message to prey on people, and it is highly offensive to us.  They do it because they are religious entrepreneurs who find it more profitable to entice your people with the flattering lie that human beings are the Children of God.


You are NOT the children of God.  Human beings are predatory animals.  Not even the very best of your people are worthy to be citizens of our utopian society.   


As we have told you many times before, human beings are the offspring of criminals from our civilization.  Thousands of years ago they were banished from our world and exiled to your planet because they were promoting earth's competitive survival of the fittest system for our peaceful society.  They were very confident that their aggressive ideas would improve our world but they were simply wrong so they got what they asked for.  They were sent to your world to experience first hand your world's survival of the fittest nature.  When our fallen people arrived on earth they mated with the existing human population.  Their genes advanced the strength and cunning of the human animal but they did not improve your nature.  Even before our they were exiled to your planet, our rebels were self-centered bullies who expected to be rewarded for their trumped-up pseudo superiority.  Because their greed for victory and power could NEVER be satisfied they were stripped of their angelic bodies and cast down to your planet to live and die as human beings.  


Since their expulsion, our society has returned to being a very peaceful place.  Unlike our fallen citizens (and unlike human beings) our remaining angelic people do NOT find satisfaction in being better than each other, nor do we find joy from being victorious over one another.  Because of our better nature we NEVER desire to be lifted above each other.  There is absolutely no hierarchy or pecking order between our people.  


Within our world, there are no predators and no prey, no rich and no poor.  We literally have no money of any kind.  Money is completely unnecessary and simply does NOT exist in our world.  Our people are motivated by Heavenly Love.  It is the most powerful and beautiful thing in the Omniverse.  The bond of  Heavenly Love that exists between our people is beyond the ability of the human mind to fully understand it.  It is that perfect bond that keeps millions of our people united together as one perfect family.  We NEVER dominate or exploit each other, and we have absolutely no need of a police force, a judicial system, or a military.  


Obviously your world is an extremely different place.  


Most human beings perceive religion to be a positive influence but the opposite is usually true.  Your spiritual leaders are leading your people down a path toward chaos and war.  They are snake-oil salesmen who manipulate you for their own profit.  Their greatest love is the elevated position they hold in your earthly hierarchy.  Even worse, they ADORE being viewed by other human beings as righteous or holy.  Our heavenly people fully understand the simple fact that no human being is holy, but a great portion of your people are fooled by their religious charades.  


Of course we didn't want our words to be misinterpreted so we wrote our original message to your planet very clearly but it was that clarity that resulted in it's destruction.  Generations later we sent a very in-depth message about our history and your future but this time we sent it in the form of a complex mystery so that your religious zealots would not recognize that our message was condemning them.  That newer generation of religious leaders simply assumed that our condemnations were directed at other religions and other denominations, so they destroyed fewer of our newer documents and they misinterpreted the rest.  Using mistranslation as a weapon, they added their own ideas and their own religious concepts.  With each passing generation the mistranslating continues to compound making our hidden message very difficult to uncover.


We have only one leader in our Utopia.  The rest of us are equals.  Our omnipotent leader is displeased with humanity but he is angry with your religious leaders.  Below, his lost ancient message is CLEARLY revealed again:


Beware!  The Great Day of the Lord will come cruel, both with wrath and fierce anger!


An asteroid the size of a mountain will slam into the Atlantic Ocean.  It's impact will cause your planet to shake violently.  As the massive asteroid bursts through your atmosphere the greatest explosion will occur directly above The Great Flying Eagle.  In one day, your world's greatest empire will fall.  In the days and weeks just before the asteroid strike, your richest elites will learn of the impending impact but they won't tell you.


More than a billion people will die on the first day alone.  In need of a military to enforce their will, and a police-state to ensure a stable place for their workers, your private sector elites will quickly unite behind The Flying Eagle's old nemesis.  Almost overnight, the Authoritarian Bear will rise to be your planet's last world-dominating bully empire.  Although the empire will be Russian, the evil leader who assumes the ultimate power position will be an American who will very deceitfully pretend to be a great advocate of democracy and human rights.  


Severe earthquakes and tsunamis will continue for months.  From the enormous underwater crater a raging inferno will spew a toxic smog that will slowly poison your entire planet.


Even after this prophecy is perfectly fulfilled, the pride of humanity will remain unbroken.   


Your arrogant species will not repent, even when Moses and Elijah are re-sent.  


During your planets three and a half year decline both Moses and Elijah will warn humanity to turn from their self-serving ways.  But then, shortly before the return of Christ, both Moses and Elijah will be murdered in the streets of Jerusalem.  Their murder should not be a surprise to you.  Over the last 5000 years, your people have repeatedly beaten, imprisoned, and/or murdered most of our messengers, including The Lord Jesus Christ Himself. 


Your species mocked Noah as he built the arc.  Your forefathers ran Abraham out of  his country.  Even the humbled Hebrew slaves who were miraculously delivered from ancient Egypt would have murdered Moses in the desert if not for divine intervention.  Your species threw Daniel into a lion's pit.  You lowered Jeremiah into a dungeon.  You beheaded John the Baptist, but worst of all, you crucified THE ETERNAL LEADER OF OUR UTOPIAN SOCIETY when he temporarily stepped down from his Heavenly Throne to live and die as the human being JESUS of  Nazareth.  After killing Jesus, your people crucified Simon, Peter, Andrew, Bartholomew and Phillip.  You stabbed Matthew and Thomas, and you beheaded James.  On top of that, you stoned Stephen, Paul, James and Thaddeus.  And in each and every one of these cases it was your world's religious zealots who were most guilty.  Why do they so vehemently hate our message?  The simple answer is because we expose them, and condemn them for what they are (self-righteous snakes that manipulate people for money, power, and prestige) but the deeper reason is that they love your world's survival of the fittest hierarchical system.  They so love their elevated position in the earthly hierarchy, they recreated and redefined Jesus to be someone who loves your world, just like they do.  They also embraced the ancient goddess-of-love* doctrine that foolishly declares human beings to be The Children of God.  Even within your mistranslated Bible it clearly states that our Lord offers to "ADOPT" some human beings.  It is even more clearly written that SATAN'S MESSENGERS come as "servants of righteousness" and as "Apostles of Christ". (2nd Corinthians 11:13-15)  


Your world's most respected religious leaders are the proverbial "wolves in sheep's clothing!"  


Millions of years ago, there was an ideological battle in our heavenly world.  Lucifer was the leader of the rebellion.  He was a very popular but divisive political leader.  He enticed one-third of our people to join his revolution.  Your religious recreated Lucifer to be a terrifying Horror Movie Monster with red horns and sharp teeth.  Obviously a third of  the people from the most advanced civilization in the multiverse did not follow a ridiculous monster.  The following quote is a simple reality but it seems absurd to those who accept their fictitious red-horned version of Satan.  Lucifer is the "god of your world".  It was his ideaology that resulted in the creation of your survival of the fittest planet.  He is the god who rewards the most cunning.  He is the god of natural selection.  He is the god of nature as human science understands it.  


Like Lucifer, your religious leaders are so blinded by their arrogant nature, they sincerely believe they are RIGHT, and they sincerely believe they are preaching the RIGHTEOUS word of God.  Beware of them!  They have billions of your people believing that just DOUBTING their twisted version of God will result in eternal torture.  Take a moment to consider how evil their fictitious god is.  Their god is an arrogant egomaniac who, above all else, demands to be praised and recognized.  He can forgive murderers but NOT those who question his existence or disrespect his name.  Non-compliance with his egocentric demands is punishable by eternal torture.  There is only one biblical character who fits that description and it is Lucifer. (Matt 4:9 & Luke 4:7) 


Contrary to their twisted god, Jesus treated his disciples like his own younger brothers.  He even washed their filthy feet.  He is not an egomaniac and he does not send people to eternal torture.  It was YOUR people who tortured and crucified Jesus, and even while they were doing it Jesus said "forgive them for they know not what they do."  The Christ is NOTHING like they tell you.  He is NOTHING like they say.  Their kind have been misleading your world for thousands of years but it's never been worse than today.


After the asteroid strike, and at the end of their 1260 day mission, both Moses and Elijah will be murdered.  And how do you suppose that humanity will respond to their murders?  The vast majority of human beings will celebrate!  That prophecy in itself describes how contrary human nature is to our ancient message.  That's how contrary human beings are to our angelic people.  That's how contrary your world is to our world.  That's how contrary human beings are to our God.


Our God is Heavenly Love.  Human love is corrupted by self, the love of self, and your animal survival instinct.  Heavenly Love is selfless, perfect, gentle, patient, and eternal.  Our angelic people truly prefer each other over themselves.  The selfish nature of humanity is contrary to Heavenly Love.


You are not the worst creatures in the multiverse but at your core, you are self-centered, self-loving, meat-eating predatory animals.  And sadly, most of you are proud of it.  


The best of human beings try to overcome their nature by adhering to the golden rule;  Always treat others as you would have them treat you.  But most human beings who try to follow that golden rule find that other human beings interpret their kindness as weakness, stupidity, or even worse.  The truth fails on your brutal planet.  Caring often leads to victimization.  All human beings who are destined for eternity have one common experience.  They feel like alien travelers or lonely orphans lost and abandoned on your brutal alien planet.  That has been a primary theme from our message since the very beginning.  Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and every other person who has ever been filled with the Spirit of Heavenly Love has felt that way. Real Christians yearn to be changed FROM self-centered wanton human beings TO perfect content Angels filled with the Perfect Spirit of God.  Beware!  You will NOT find Real Christianity in your local religious establishments.  On earth, Christianity has been hijacked by greedy businessmen who love the only nature they have ever known.


Don't you find it ironic that you live on a planet full of creatures that EAT EACH OTHER but your spiritual leaders cannot recognize that you and your world are part of  the Dark Side?  Instead of acknowledging that simple reality, they believe precisely the opposite.  They think that your planet is God's most wonderful creation.  And they blame all the earthly problems on "the bad people" and "the unbelievers".  Ironically it is the varying religious doctrines from all over your planet that are causing your world to spiral back into it's darkest days of  hatred, extremism, torture, and war.  The only ideology that cannot be rehabilitated is the religious mind that has fallen into radical extremism.


Most of your earthly religions deny the fundamental reality that human beings are animals.  When people brainwash their children with that distorted view of reality it has serious consequences on the human mind.  As that twisted foundational concept gets passed down from one generation to the next, it results in a complete lack of judgment that spirals towards self-righteousness and extremism.  They foolishly believe they have the Mind of God even though their brainstem is much like the brain of a snake.


Surely you remember the ancient story of Adam and Eve?  The snake was their primal inner voice (their primal inner nature), not a magical talking serpent.  Consider this simple but very profound thought;  THE VERY FIRST HUMAN COUPLE was kicked out of the Garden of  Eden, and of their two sons Cane and Abel, one murdered the other.  Wake-up!  And stop listening to your religious leaders!  Your world was NEVER good, and the nature of human beings was never good.


Even within your mistranslated Bible, you can find that both Jesus and John the Baptist called your planet's most highly revered religious leaders poisonous snakes.  Your worst religious zealots misinterpret those words to be a condemnation of the Jews.  That is how Hitler justified the Holocaust, and that is why the radical Iranian religious leaders want to nuke Israel.  They foolishly believe that the Jewish people are a curse upon humanity.


From the very beginning, OUR message has always condemned the business of religion regardless of the name it carries.  During the Era of the Judges begun by Moses, the BUSINESS of religion was completely banned.  Only one National Temple was permitted for the entire nation of Israel (a nation of millions of people), and in that one temple the Arc of the Covenant was built to protect our message from destruction.  As generations passed from the Era of  the Judges into and through the Era of the Kings, tolerant leaders came to power who foolishly allowed the business of religion to re-grow and re-flourish.  Eventually there were places of worship on every street but then, within a few generations, a "RIGHTEOUS" king would come to power who would have all the religious establishments burnt to the ground, and all their pastors and priests EXECUTED.  After the "righteous" kings death, the downward spiral would be repeated.  Then, within a few more generations, the streets would again be filled with places of worship until another "righteous" king would rise and burn them all to the ground.  There were only a few short generations on your planet when our cosmic REALITY was widely known by your people.  During many generations our message has been completely lost. 


Think back for a moment to the ancient day of judgment during the life of Moses, not long after the Hebrews escaped Egypt.  There was a great earthquake that cracked the ground open, the people fell into the fiery pit, and then the earth closed back up on them.  Your foolish religious leaders would have you believe that it was sex crazed drunken pagans who were killed that day but as usual, they are completely wrong.  It was the SPIRITUAL LEADERS (and their families) who claimed to be God's "holy" people who were killed that day.  They were eliminated to purge their "holier than thou" religious ideology from the early Hebrew community.  


Just after that horrific earthquake, a great number of the surviving Hebrews conspired to murder Moses and Aaron so a virulent plague was sent to stop their conspiracy dead in their tracks.  Fourteen thousand, seven hundred more people had to die to stop their contagious religious ideology from taking over.


On your planet (as recorded in The New Testament starting with the Book of Acts) the first and only authentic churches were COMMUNES, and all the apostles refused to accept payment for their services as spiritual leaders.  The apostles worked with their own hands to support others and themselves.  For example, the apostle Paul worked as a tent maker until the day he died.  Most of the other apostles were farmers or fisherman.  They didn't have churches as your world knows them, and they didn't lift themselves up in the earthly hierarchy.


Take a moment to deeply consider the next sentence written in blue.  They may be THE MOST PROFOUND WORDS that Jesus ever spoke about himself; 


I am not of your world and my kingdom is not of your world.  


In your Bible you can still find it.  Both James and John very clearly warned the first Christians NOT to love the world that YOU currently live in.  To be even more precise, they wrote that anyone who loves your world is the enemy of God.  (John 18:36  -  John 17:14,16  -  John 15:19  -  John 8:23  -  James 4:4  -  1st John 2:15)


Rich human beings cannot help but love life on your planet because they are blinded by their good fortune, and the arrogance that is compounded by earthly riches.  Only the poorest and most abused human beings TRULY understand the injustices of your planet.  Because they experience the worst injustices firsthand, it is the most lowly and downtrodden human beings who are inclined to embrace the truth.  Remember that Jesus said;  It is harder for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven than it is for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle.  Jesus also said that the path to death is wide and that most human beings enter through the wide gate that leads to death.  In contrast, he said that the path to eternity is narrow, and there are "FEW who find it".  Just to be abundantly clear, it is not the wise nor the intelligent who find eternity.  And it is not the strong nor the proud who find it.  Instead, it is the poor and the downtrodden.  It is the weak and the lame.  


Consider this interesting thought:  When you are at death's door you are never weaker.  Some human beings come to accept the truth and ASK to be changed during the process of death.


Several of Jesus' key parables declare that The King of  Heaven is farming a relatively small number of eternal beings on the planet earth.  His predestined people are likened to the fruits of the farmer's field.  In some parables the Lord's adopted people are represented by the ripe olives or grapes, in other parables they are the tiny wheat kernels used to make bread.  In the Wheat Parable Jesus compares himself to the farmer who only covets the valuable tiny kernels from the large flowing fields of amber grain.  After the harvest, the vast majority of the plant material, and all the weeds, are burned and destroyed or composted.  


BELIEF is the fundamental but absolutely foolish teaching of those who have hijacked Christianity.  The real key to our eternal world can be found within your deepest hopes.  What world do you HOPE for, and even more importantly, what world do you LOVE?  Do you HOPE for a world of  Heavenly Love or do you love your survival of the fittest planet?   If you think you can love both, you are lying to yourself.  Our two worlds are CONTRARY to each other. 


While standing on earth Jesus said;  He who does not hate his own life in this world cannot be my disciple.


Jesus said was the best human being was John the Baptist.  John lived in the wilderness because he could not bare the violence and strife that he found in the cities.  He wore animal skins and ate locust and honey to survive.  He preached the doctrine of repentance that declares that human beings are animals who must be changed before they can enter our God's heavenly world.


In the 6th chapter of Genesis The Lord said that he  REGRETTED  the creation of mankind.  


It may also be shocking to learn that during the decades after the Hebrews were miraculously freed from Ancient Egypt, The God of  YOUR Bible ordered the complete extermination of  several very large Middle Eastern cities.  The Hebrew armies slaughtered entire populations including men, women and children because their extremist contagious religious ideologies (a.k.a. their spirits) had to be purged.  Your "spirit" is your life energy that cannot detected by human science.  It is your mind and your ideology.  It is the essence of who you are.  Your living physical body is a vessel for the different spirits that battle for your mind.  Their are seven different spirits (ideologies) in your world.  Six of the seven are earthly ideologies.  The seventh spirit is our Heavenly Spirit.  Three of the seven spirits are the ideologies of dangerous criminals and extremists.  It is our Spirit, the Seventh Spirit, that brings empathy and compassion to your brutal world.  Without it, your world would rapidly decline back to the dark ages.  To be filled with a spirit means that you are overwhelmed by and primarily follow that one ideology but almost all human minds still reason with and are tempted by a second ideology.  Their inner voice makes them reconsider and doubt the reality they have accepted.  The three most irrational spirits almost never doubt or reconsider.  The three better rational earthly spirits include the popular religious spirit of the goddess of love, the spirit of realism (atheism), and the spirit of justice.  The spirit of justice is the spirit of people who are passionately consumed by the law and the justice system.  It is their commitment to justice that separates humanity from barbarians and wild animals.  Of those human beings consumed by the human spirit of justice some are persuaded by the spirit of realism while others are tempted by  the religious point of view.  Both of those two sub-groups successfully worked together to write the American Constitution.  Unfortunately the ability to respect other points of view has almost evaporated.  Humanity is spiraling downward in cyclical way that has been repeated in your history many times before.  Cyclical periods like this result in major wars.  The three irrational spirits are spreading.  They are the criminal and irrational versions of the three better spirits.  When the spirit of justice is perverted by the earthly spirit of religion and spirals to extremism you end up with barbarians like the Taliban who gladly execute people for disobeying laws that are irrational and perverse.


You may ask;  If human beings are so corrupt, why would your alien God have mercy on any of us?  The answer is simple;  Our Lord (who lives with and walks among us in our Heavenly Utopia) is the one and only Supreme Being who can see through time so he loves those human beings who are predestined for eternity because he sees them not only as they are today but as they will be after they are fully changed from corrupt to incorrupt, from mortal to immortal.  


To reiterate:  The CONFIDENT version of  FAITH that is preached in your world's religious organizations is DESPISED by our God.  Our message clearly states that regardless of your FAITH, if you do not have Heavenly Love, "you have nothing and you are nothing". (1st Corinthians Chapter 13)  In your old King James New Testament the word "charity" is just one of the many words that are mistranslated.  The correct translation is Heavenly Love.  The ancient word for Heavenly Love is usually translated in your Bible simply as "love" but "charity" was used by the sixth group of translators.  Your religious zealots also redefined the word FAITH.  The ancient definition of faith can be best understood in this context:  What is your faith?  Or;  Of what faith are you?  It is a specific doctrine / ideology that you embrace NOT how strongly you BELIEVE.  


Our heavenly people have the ability to move mountains with their will but there is no such power within the human mind filled with any of the six human spirits.  


We fully understand that human beings do not want to be compared to weeds or locusts but please understand that we are coming to your planet full of Heavenly Love.  When we arrive, do not be deceived by the foolish rantings of your religious leaders.  We are NOT coming to destroy you!  By your own nature you die after a few short decades, and in just a little more than a thousand years your sun is going to expand and evaporate your entire planet.  When our city lands in Israel, The Christ (the one and only Christ) will heal and save your planet from the slide toward extinction brought on by the asteroid but even after that, while we are on your planet, your leaders will conspire to destroy us.


So this is our advice to you:  Reject the world that you live in and hope for ours.  ASK our Lord to change you.  It is IMPERATIVE that you ASK.  Then fast (temporarily take a break from eating) so that you can learn to control your body and your dysfunctional nature.  Then find your Spiritual brothers and sisters.  If you do, the Christ will give you the Spirit of Heavenly Love.  You won't be perfect as long as you are a human being but you will find peace through the HEAVENLY LOVE that can only be experienced between people who are guided by the Spirit of our God.


As Jesus clearly said; My disciples can be identified by the Heavenly Love they have for each other.  


Heavenly Love is an unbreakable bond that can change your life.  When Christ returns, there will be a Commune of at least 144,000 human beings, waiting together in a wilderness community.


Jesus said;  Sell everything that you have and give it to the poor.  The people of  the first Church Communes on earth followed that advice by giving 100% of what they owned to the "commune of the poor" that supported them all.  They considered nothing they possessed to be their own.  Pure communism fails on your planet because human nature requires selfish individual incentives, but pure communism succeeds among people who are bound by Heavenly Love.  


Think of the human beings who are filled with any one of the three rational earthly spirits.  Because of earthly love their children do not need money to pay for being parented.  And Heavenly Love is even better than the love a human mother has for her own infant children.


If you look in the Book of Acts, you will see that some people tried to take advantage of the first Christian Commune.  They wanted to join because it seemed like a good financial decision.  Those opportunistic people collapsed dead on the spot to protect the commune from their contagious earthly spirits.


On the night before his death, Jesus said to his disciples;  I do NOT pray for your world.  Instead Jesus prayed only for his chosen few.  And when Jesus spoke in parables, his disciples asked;  But Lord, why do you speak so mysteriously in parables instead of speaking directly to the masses?  Jesus replied to his disciples question by saying that the mysteries of God are ONLY for his predestined adopted people.  


Our important message is not for, nor does it apply to those who are destined for death.  Preaching The Word of our God to the deplorables is like "throwing pearls to the swine".  


Our message is foolishness in your world so become a fool so that you may be truly wise.


The spirit of the goddess of love will tell you that your most righteous quest is to find a soul mate and to start your sacred family.  In fairness, it is an relatively honorable earthly quest but the scriptures are very clear that marriage does not exist in our heavenly world, and Paul told his disciples that it was better if they did not marry.  There are no little tribes in our heavenly world, just one very large happy family.


On earth, your self-centered middle and upper classes segregate themselves into neighborhoods with people of the same financial class so they won't be asked for help by poor people.  They  also drastically underpay their disadvantaged hired servants.  You heap treasures upon yourselves while ignoring or even despising the poor.  The amount paid to your lower class workers, and even the amount paid to your middle class workers is shameful.  The top one-tenth of one-percent of your population controls the vast majority of  your world's wealth.  The bottom fifty percent of your people have literally no monetary wealth because they owe more to the rich than they own themselves.  Most human beings work their entire lives and die with a negative financial balance because of their debt to the rich.  The rich think these poor people are uneducated fools but capitalism is unfair to those who don't have capital.  Borrowing money is a bottomless pit for most people.


Moses' Old Testament Monetary Laws were given to protect the poor from the rich.  His ancient laws erased and forgave most debt every seven years, and ALL DEBT every 49 years.  The following two sentences about Moses laws are very important to understand:  Each and every one of  his laws were created for human beings because of corrupt human nature.  Moses' laws are completely unnecessary, and do not exist in our heavenly world.  Heavenly Love completely eliminates the need for judicial laws.  


The earthly monetary laws of Moses were specifically created to prevent all wealth from ending up in the hands of a few.  Today on your planet precisely the opposite is happening.  Your richest people are heaping more and more on to themselves like it's a drug induced feeding frenzy.  It is one of your world's greatest abominations in the eyes of our God!  Surely, LIFE should be more than a Monopoly Game.  And capital should not be used to take advantage of people.  You may convince yourself that you are playing your evil money games because you love your family but you are lying to yourself.


The Day of  Rest Commandment was given to protect workers from their slave-driving elites.  Even today, your world's poorest people work seven days a week except in places where the LAW prohibits it and there are very few places where the law still prohibits it.  


Think for a moment.  What is the point of  maximizing productivity when your planet is running out of resources?  YOU yourself are going to be dead within a few infinitesimally short years or decades.  What does it gain you if you win the whole world but lose your soul?  Your own Holy Book calls you locusts, and your people are overrunning your planet just as if they were.


Your ill-conceived debt based monetary system is destined to collapse again.  It needs to be reset often because you don't properly use Moses' debt laws as a regulatory guide.  At your next major financial crisis your elites will blame, dissolve, and replace their private "Federal" Reserve System but within a few years it will be back under a new name.  Perhaps this time, they will be wise enough to wipe out (print and payoff) ALL the debt INCLUDING the debt of the poor instead of only the debt of the rich like they normally do.


Your earthly Beacon of  Hope is suppose to be a nation run "BY THE PEOPLE FOR THE PEOPLE" but instead it is controlled by a few billionaire families who have made a mockery of your Democracy.  The billionaires say to the voters, give us complete control and we promise to throw you some crumbs.  Sadly, many voters enthusiastically support their rich masters because they too love a world that rewards supremacy and they foolishly believe themselves to be superior.  Some people are capable of suppressing these natural human tendencies but most human beings proudly embrace human nature as if it were godly to do so.  Your rich employers should feel guilt and shame, but instead they are full of  pride.  They are the foolish princes and kings of your modern generation.  And just as it was in the ancient past so it is today, most human beings look up to your princes and kings as if they were gods.


Thus saith the Lord;  There is a great evil I have seen under your sun. YOU turn your eyes from the plight of the poor as you heap treasures upon yourselves.  YOU pay bribes to your counterfeit versions of God but your tithes will gain you nothing, and the crumbs you give to the poor will earn you nothing.  The Lord has heard the cries of your hired servants, and the day of the Lord's vengeance shall be upon your heads.  Those who are on high shall be brought low, and those who are proud shall be humiliated.  And to YOU religious leaders who watch it all, and condone it all without protest, YOU will be judged the most harshly.


Eventually your species will be COMPLETELY forgotten but there is HOPE for some of you.  Some of  you will be physically and spiritually changed, and you will live forever in a perfect paradise that is far beyond your current comprehension.  


All the vanity that human beings strive for will soon be forever gone, and your infinitesimally short lifespans will be over before you know it.  


REPENT not just for what you have done but for what you are!  Simply ASK to be changed, and remember that our Lord hears the cries of the broken hearted but he despises the confident!


If you refuse to believe my words, read it with your own eyes in your own King James Bible:  The God of your Bible "HATES" the proud.  (Prov 8:13  -  Prov 16:5  -  Psalms 119:78  -  Prov 15:25  -  Prov 13:3  -  2nd Tim 3:1-4  -  1st Peter 5:5)


Thus saith the Lord of Heaven to all the inhabitants of earth;  I have chosen the weak to shame the strong.  And I have chosen the meek to shame the proud.  Come to me all of you who are overburdened by this life, and I will give you rest.




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*ASHERAH, Aphrodite, Venus etc. 



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