This is a message of warning sent to your galaxy from the most advanced civilization in the cosmos.  Our peaceful society has existed for billions of years.  We are reaching out to your planet to give you critical information of the most vital importance.  Our interstellar city will arrive to earth three and a half years after a very large asteroid makes impact with your planet.  At that time we will rescue your species from certain extinction.


Throughout the history of human civilization we have communicated with your species many times but your leaders have blocked our critical message from reaching the vast majority of your people.  


We are not human beings but we are a people of science, facts, justice, peace, empathy, and love.  YOUR RELIGIOUS LEADERS DO NOT REPRESENT US!  They took our ancient message, destroyed most of it, and changed what remained into a popular religious fantasy that they could SELL.  Our heavenly world is NOT a retirement haven made up of human beings who have passed away.  Only a very small fraction of our people have experienced humanity firsthand.  Our great civilization existed for billions years before the first human being arose from the earthly muck.  


Your spiritual leaders are religious entrepreneurs who find it very profitable to entice your people with the flattering lie that human beings are the Children of God.


You are NOT the Children of God!  At best, you are domesticated predatory animals.  Not even the very best of your people are worthy to enter our utopian society.   


As we have communicated to you in times past, human beings are the spiritual offspring of rebels who were banished from our civilization.  Thousands of years ago our rebellious citizens were exiled to earth because they were promoting your planet's survival of the fittest competitive way of life to our people.  Our rebellious citizens were very confident that their aggressive ideas would improve our world but they were simply wrong so they were given precisely what they deserved.  They were exiled to your planet to experience FIRSTHAND the brutal survival of the fittest nature that they were foolishly promoting to our peaceful loving people.  


The underlying truth is that our fallen citizens were self-centered bullies who expected to be rewarded for their trumped-up pseudo superiority.  Because their greed for victory and power could NEVER be satisfied they were stripped of their angelic bodies and cast down to your planet to live and die as mortal human beings.  Just to be clear, our fallen citizens were NOT the first human beings.  Your species already existed on earth before our rebels were cast down to earth to experience your way of life firsthand.


After the expulsion of our rebellious citizens, our world returned to being a peaceful place. 


Our world is not just different than your world, it is CONTRARY to your world. 


Unlike our fallen citizens (and unlike human beings) our angelic people do NOT desire to be better than each other.  We don't want to dominate one another, and we experience absolutely no thrill from being victorious over each other.  Because of our better nature, there is absolutely no hierarchy or pecking order between us.  We simply NEVER desire to be lifted above each other in any way.  


We literally and sincerely prefer each other over ourselves.


Within our heavenly world, there are no predators and no prey, no rich and no poor.  


Our outward appearance is very similar to human beings but our bodies are energized by light.  It was part of the plan that you would look like us but unlike the animals of your world, we do not eat other life to sustain our own lives.  Of course we understand that it is within the nature of your world for animals to eat each other but that does not make it good. 


Unlike your people, we do not have or use money of any kind.  The concept of money is simply contrary to our nature.  It serves no purpose so money does NOT exist in our world.  


Instead of being motivated by money, "love of family", and love of self, our people are motivated by Heavenly Love.  It is the most powerful and beautiful thing in the cosmos.  The bond of  Heavenly Love that exists between our people is beyond the ability of the human animal mind to fully understand.  It is that perfect bond that keeps hundreds of millions of our people united together like one perfect family.  


We absolutely never abuse or exploit each other in any way, so we do not need a police force, a judicial system, or a military.  


Obviously your world is a radically different place.  


Most of you blame the "bad" people for your world's problems but it is the survival of the fittest nature of every human being that results in crime and war.  Your self-righteous rich people might think they are above such behavior but it is their arrogance and riches that blind them to their own corrupt nature.  When the great famine comes, their predatory nature will be fully revealed.


Most human beings perceive religion to be a positive influence on earth but the opposite is mostly true.  It is your world's warped spiritual ideas that are leading your people down a path toward chaos, violence, and war.  Your spiritual leaders claim to be Peace Loving but their greatest love is the elevated position they hold in your earthly hierarchy.  Even more disgraceful, your religious zealots ADORE being viewed by other human beings as righteous and/or holy.  All of our angelic people fully understand the simple fact that NO HUMAN BEING IS HOLY, but a great portion of your people are fooled by the religious charades of your pompous religious zealots.  Your religious leaders might be good at acting like they are humble but they are not.  They are the precisely the opposite.  They are proud.  


Of course nobody wants their words to be misinterpreted or misrepresented so we very clearly wrote all the original documents that we sent to humanity but it was that clarity resulted in their destruction.  Mistakenly believing that liars and/or devils wrote our words, your religious zealots burned ALL of our original documents.  Generations later we re-sent our very in-depth message comparing our world's history and our world's nature to your world's history and your nature.  Within our comprehensive message, we included precise predictions of the future, both for your world and ours, but we re-sent the message in the form of an elaborate mystery so that your religious zealots would not recognize that our message condemns them.  The newer generation of religious zealots simply assumed that our condemnations were directed at other religions and other denominations so they destroyed far fewer of our books, and they simply misinterpreted the rest.  Their subversion of our message did not end there.  When translating our words, your religious leaders simply removed what they did not like and added the ideas they preferred by subtlety changing just a few of the most important words.  With each passing generation the compounding mistranslations have made it more and more difficult to discover our hidden message.  The old King James version of the Bible is missing chapters and entire books, but the mistranslation of key words has caused the most confusion.  For example, John 3:16 speaks of our God's love for the "Cosmos" but your religious leaders deliberately mistranslated it to say that our God loves your brutal survival of the fittest planet.  He absolutely does NOT!


We fully understand that very few human beings are willing to exert the effort required but much of our original message can still be found using an old reference book that includes an Archaeological Lexicon, an Ancient Hebrew Dictionary, an Ancient Chaldean Dictionary, and an Ancient Greek Dictionary.  That reference book is Strong's Exhaustive Concordance.  Sadly, even that once excellent reference is now being twisted and manipulated by your religious zealots (especially the on-line versions).


Unlike the vile labyrinth of hierarchy that exists between your people, in our Heavenly Utopia we have only ONE leader.  The rest of us are equals.  Our Omnipotent Leader is the embodiment of  Perfect Heavenly Love.  He is the One and Only Supreme Being but I can assure you that he is very different than your people imagine.  


The Almighty is very displeased with the nature of your world but he is angry with your religious leaders.  Below, his lost ancient message is CLEARLY revealed for the first time in generations:


Beware!  The great day of calamity will come cruel, both with wrath and fierce anger!


An asteroid the size of a mountain will slam into the Atlantic Ocean.  The impact will cause your whole planet to shake violently.  As the massive asteroid bursts through your atmosphere the greatest explosion will occur directly above the lands of The Great Flying Eagle.  In one day, your world's greatest empire will fall.  


In the days before the asteroid strike, your richest and most powerful elites will learn of the impending impact but they won't tell you.


More than a billion people will die on the first day alone.  


In need of a military to enforce their will, and a police-state to ensure a stable place for their workers, your world's private sector elites will quickly unite behind The Flying Eagle's old nemesis.  Almost overnight, the Authoritarian Bear will rise to be your planet's last world-dominating empire.  Although the empire will be Russian, the evil leader who assumes the ultimate power position will be a surviving American who will deceitfully pretend to be a great advocate of democracy and human rights.  


Severe earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions will continue for months.  From the enormous underwater crater (caused by the asteroid's impact) a raging inferno will spew a toxic smog that will slowly poison your entire planet.


It may seem hard to believe but even after these detailed prophecies are precisely fulfilled, the pride of humanity will remain unbroken.   


Your arrogant species will not repent, even when Moses and Elijah are re-sent.  


During your planets three and a half year decline, both Moses and Elijah will implore humanity to reject their self-serving ways.  They will urge you to embrace OUR better nature and OUR better way of life.  Then, shortly before The Return of Christ, both Moses and Elijah will be murdered in the streets of Jerusalem.  Their murder should not surprise you.  Over the last 5000 years, your people have repeatedly beaten, imprisoned, and/or murdered most of our Lord's messengers, including The Lord Jesus Christ Himself. 


Your species mocked Noah as he built the arc.  Your forefathers ran Abraham out of  his country.  Even the humbled Hebrew slaves who were miraculously delivered from ancient Egypt would have murdered Moses in the desert if not for divine intervention.  Your species threw Daniel into a lion's pit.  You lowered Jeremiah into a dungeon where he sank into a foot of human waste.  Your people beheaded John the Baptist (who was the second coming of Elijah), but even worse than decapitating John, your species crucified THE ETERNAL LEADER OF OUR UTOPIAN SOCIETY when he temporarily stepped down from his Heavenly Throne to live and die as the human being JESUS of  Nazareth.  He began his human life just over 2000 years ago but The Christ was alive for trillions of years before that.  He was the very first creation.  He was the very first creature.  He is the being of the invisible infinite God.


After killing Jesus, your people crucified Simon, Peter, Andrew, Bartholomew and Phillip.  You stabbed Matthew and Thomas, and you beheaded James.  You stoned Stephen, Paul, James and Thaddeus.  


With each and every one of those heinous crimes, it was NOT your dangerous irrational criminals who conspired against our Lord and his messengers.  It was your world's most respected religious leaders!  Why do they so vehemently hate our message?  The most simple answer is because we expose and condemn them for what they are (self-righteous snakes who manipulate and flatter your people for money, influence, prestige, and pride) but the more profound reason is that they love your world's survival of the fittest hierarchical system.  They so love their elevated position in the earthly hierarchy, they redefined and recreated Jesus to be someone who loves your world as much as they do.  In addition to that most abominable heresy, your religious leaders embraced the ancient doctrine of the goddess-of-love*.  It was her earth-loving doctrine that first declared human beings to be The Children of God.  Even within your mistranslated Bible it clearly states that Our God offers to "ADOPT" and "transform" a small percentage of human beings.  Why would God offer to adopt you if you were born his children?  To enter our heavenly world, you must first be transformed into one of us.


Are you aware that your Bible clearly states that SATAN'S MESSENGERS come as "servants of righteousness" and as "Apostles of Christ". (2nd Corinthians 11:13-15)  


Your world's most respected religious leaders are the proverbial "wolves in sheep's clothing!"  


For millions of years, there was a great ideological battle in our highly advanced world.  The leader of the rebellion was a very popular but divisive political leader named Lucifer.  Lucifer enticed one-third of our people to join his revolution.  YOUR planet's religious leaders completely redefined and recreated Lucifer to be a ridiculous but Horrifying Movie Monster with red horns and sharp teeth.  OBVIOUSLY a third of the people from the most advanced civilization in the cosmos did not join a revolution led by an obvious monster.  The following quote is a simple scriptural reality but it seems absurd and even offensive to those who accept the red-horned version of Satan:


Lucifer is the "god of your world"!  


It was Lucifer's survival of the fittest competitive ideology that resulted in the creation of your planet.  He is the god who rewards the most cunning.  He is the god of natural selection.  He is the god of nature as human beings understand it.  It is not wrong to call him Mother Nature. 


Like Lucifer, your religious leaders are so blinded by their arrogant and self-righteous nature, they sincerely believe they are RIGHT.  AND they sincerely believe they are preaching the RIGHTEOUS word of God.  More than any others, beware of them!  They have billions of  your most foolish people thinking that even DOUBTING their twisted version of God results in eternal torture.  Take a moment to consider their fictitious god, and just how evil he truly is.  Their god is a pompous egomaniac who above all else wants to be praised, recognized, and worshipped. (Matt 4:9 & Luke 4:7)  He can forgive murderers but NOT those who question his existence or disrespect his name.  Your religious leaders worship an egocentric god who is just like them.  


Contrary to their twisted version of god, Jesus (The eternal King of Heaven while temporarily living in the body of a human being) treated his disciples like his own beloved younger brothers.  He even washed their filthy feet.  He is not an egomaniac, and he does not send people to eternal torture.  It was YOUR people who TORTURED and crucified our Savior, and even while they were doing it, Jesus said "forgive them for they know not what they do."  Jesus did not demand that he be worshipped nor was he boastful.  He rarely even admitted that he was the King of Heaven.  The Christ is absolutely NOTHING like they tell you!  He is absolutely NOTHING like they say!  Their kind have been misleading your world for thousands of years but it's never been worse than today!




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*ASHERAH, Aphrodite, Venus etc. 



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