Your religious leaders have misled you.  The lost Biblical message is extremely and radically different than the popular teachings that are SOLD in your world's religious institutions.  


Human beings are eager to seek for the golden Arc of the Covenant but they have little to no interest in the lost words that the Arc was built to protect.  


By nature human beings are repelled by the ancient message so your religious leaders simply suppressed it, changed it, and almost completely destroyed it.  


The chilling lost message is revealed below:


Beware:  The Great Day of the Lord will come cruel both with wrath and fierce anger!


An asteroid the size of a mountain will slam into the Atlantic Ocean.  Your entire planet will shake.  The great Flying Eagle will fall that day, but the private sector elites will unite behind an old enemy that will quickly rise to be the earth's last world dominating empire.


From the asteroid's enormous underwater crater, an inferno will rage, but the pride of  humanity won't be broken in a single day.   


Your arrogant species will not repent, even when Moses and Elijah are re-sent.  


For three and a half years both Moses and Elijah will warn you and call you to the truth.  Then, shortly before the Return of Christ, both Moses and Elijah will be murdered in the streets of  Jerusalem.  Their murder should not surprise you.  Over the last 5000 years, your people have repeatedly beaten, imprisoned, and/or murdered most of  the Lord's messengers, including Jesus Christ Himself. 


Your species mocked Noah as he built the arc.  Your forefathers ran Abraham out of  his country.  The Hebrew slaves who were delivered from ancient Egypt would have murdered Moses in the desert if  not for divine intervention.  Your species threw Daniel into a lion's pit.  You lowered Jeremiah into a dungeon.  You beheaded John the Baptist.  You stoned Stephen, and you crucified THE ETERNAL KING OF HEAVEN when he temporarily stepped down from his heavenly throne to live and die as the human being JESUS of  Nazareth.  


Most people mistakenly think that The Christ began his life on the day that Jesus was born in Bethlehem.  On the contrary, The Christ is the supreme being who lived for trillions of years before he voluntarily came to earth as a man.  


After Moses and Elijah are murdered in the streets of  Jerusalem, the vast majority of  people (especially your religious zealots) will celebrate.  That's how hated the ancient message is.  


Human beings are contrary to the message because they are contrary to God.  You are self-centered, self-loving, meat-eating predatory animals.  Sadly, most of  you are proud of  it.  


Surely, some human beings are more evil than others but not even the best of  your people are worthy of eternity.


Don't you find it ironic that you live on a planet that is full of  creatures that EAT EACH OTHER but your religious leaders cannot recognize that you and your world are part of  the Dark Side?  Instead of acknowledging that simple reality, they believe precisely the opposite.  They BELIEVE that they live in a wonderful world, human beings are the children of  God, and the Lord loves everyone.  It's a great doctrine for attracting donations but it completely contradicts the ancient scriptures.  Flattering people for money is what religion has become. 


The ancient scriptures are clear that there has been only one Human Child of God (THE ONLY BEGOTTEN SON).  From the very beginning, the 5000 year old prophecies were clear that God Himself would come down to earth and walk among us as a man.  Over 2000 years ago, that is exactly what happened when Jesus was born.  The Christ stepped down from his eternal throne in heaven, and came to earth as man. 


The God of the Bible specifically offers to "adopt" human beings who DESPISE this world, and HOPE for the perfect heavenly world.  At Christ's returns, He promises (to the repentant and hopeful) that they will be changed from corrupt mortal human beings to incorruptible perfect angels filled with the Spirit of  Heavenly Love.  Heavenly Love is far beyond human love, and it cannot be fully understood by the human mind.


Don't forget the ancient stories, the first two human beings were kicked out of the Garden of  Eden, and of  their first two sons, one murdered the other.  Your world was NEVER good!  The ancient scriptures describe your most revered religious leaders as locusts and poisonous snakes.  Both Jesus and John the Baptist called them "VIPERS".  The ancient message has always condemned the business of religion where pastors and priests are paid money for their services.  During the Era of the Judges that was begun by Moses, the business of religion was banned.  Only ONE Temple was permitted for the entire nation of Israel.  As generations passed through the Era of the Kings, tolerant Kings allowed the business of religion to re-grow.  Eventually there were places of worship on every corner until a "righteous" king would come to power who would burn all the religious establishments to the ground, and have all their pastors and priests executed.  I understand this sounds very harsh but it is the ancient message.


During the time of  Moses it was the SPIRITUAL LEADERS who were swallowed-up when there was a great earth quake, the earth opened, and consumed them.  Money and true religion do not mix.  The first church was a commune, and the Apostle Paul never accepted payment for his services as a spiritual leader.  He supported himself as a tent maker until the day he died.  


True Christianity has been high-jacked by rich self-righteous people.


Listen to THE MOST PROFOUND words that Jesus spoke about himself; 


I am not of  your world and my kingdom is not of  your world.  


Contrary to your world's most popular religious beliefs, the God of the Bible does NOT love your world.  Instead, He promises the complete and utter destruction of  your entire planet, and the ultimate extinction of  the human race.  As it is written;  your planet will be completely dissolved and evaporated. 


James and John were both very clear that YOU SHOULD NOT love the world that you live in.  To be even more precise, they said that anyone who loves your world is the enemy of  God.  (John 18:36  -  John 17:14,16  -  John 15:19  -  John 8:23  -  James 4:4  -  1st John 2:15)


According to the scriptures, rich human beings cannot help but love life on your planet because they are blinded by their good fortune and their own human arrogance.  Only the poorest and most abused human beings truly understand the injustices of  your planet.  Because they experience those injustices firsthand, it is almost always the poorest of  the poor who come to accept the ancient doctrine.  Jesus said;  It is harder for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of  Heaven than it is for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle.  He also said that the path to death is wide and that most human beings enter through the wide gate that leads to death.  In contrast Jesus said that the path to eternity is narrow, and there are FEW who find it.  Just to be abundantly clear, it is not the wise nor the intelligent who find salvation.  It is not the strong nor the proud who find it.  Instead it is the poor and the downtrodden.  It is the weak and the lame.  It is those who truly are of  a lowly spirit.  It is those who cannot raise their eyes to heaven who God promises to change.  It is those who fear God's judgment.  It is those who recognize their need to be changed who are destined for eternal salvation.  It is clearly written that flesh and blood cannot inherit the Kingdom of  God.


Within your world of death, the parable is that The King of  Heaven is farming a small number of eternal beings.  Jesus compared himself  to a wheat farmers who only covets the valuable tiny seed from the relatively large wheat plant.  After the harvest, the rest of  the plant along with all the weeds are burned and destroyed.  Nobody judges your planets farmers for this action but you judge God because you are self-righteous and self-loving.  Because you love this world more than God's heavenly world, and because you think that Human Beings are God's wonderful children.


In the 6th chapter of Genesis The Lord said that he regretted the creation of mankind.  In the Old Testament, the Lord Himself ordered the complete extermination of  several cities (including men, women, and children) during the decades after Moses left Egypt.   You may ask,  If human beings are so corrupt why would God love or have mercy on any of us?  The Lord can see through time so He loves those who are predestined for eternity because He sees them not only as they are today but as they will be after they are fully changed from corrupt to incorrupt. 


If  you are confident that you are on the path to eternity, according to the ancient scriptures you are almost certainly on the path to eternal death.  The confident version of  FAITH that is preached in your world's religious institutions is absolutely despised by The God of  the Bible.  The suppressed message of  God says that regardless of  your faith, if  you do not have Heavenly Love, you have nothing, and you are nothing. 


Jesus declared that you can recognize His disciples by the Heavenly Love they have for each other.  There is a supernatural bond of  Heavenly Love even between human beings who have the Holy Spirit of Heavenly Love.


Heavenly Love only exists between creatures who have the Spirit of  Heavenly Love.  It primarily exists in Angels but it also exists in a small number of  human beings.  


Heavenly Love is perfect and eternal.  Earthly love is insufficient and temporary.


Jesus said;  He who does not hate his own life in this world cannot be my disciple.  


Jesus also said;  Sell everything that you have and give it to the poor.  


On the night before his death, Jesus specifically said to his disciples;  I do NOT pray for your world.  Instead, Jesus loved and prayed ONLY for his predestined few.


You may consider yourself to be a loving being but your survival of the fittest nature inhibits you from understanding "Perfect Heavenly Love".  Earthly love is primarily motivated by an instinctual drive to propagate your dysfunctional species.  Earthly love is corrupted by self and the love of self.  


Heavenly Love is selfless and infinite.  Heavenly Love never fails.


God is Heavenly Love.    


Earthly love may be the best your world has to offer but Heavenly Love cannot be fully understood, even by the very best human mind.  


Many of  you think that it is your most righteous quest to find a soul mate (and it can be a relatively honorable earthly quest) but the scriptures are very clear that marriage does not exist in heaven, and Paul told his disciples that it was better if  they did not marry.  


In Heaven, ALL Christ's people are soul-mates.  The least of  people in heaven are closer than the most loving human families.  The entire community of  Heaven (made up of  hundreds of millions of  Angels) is a single family of  Heavenly Love and after Christ's return it will be perfected one more time.


On earth your self-centered middle and upper classes surround themselves with friends who need little or no help while at the same time, they drastically underpay their disadvantaged hired servants.  They heap treasures upon themselves while ignoring the truly poor.  The amount that most workers are paid is shameful.  The top one-tenth of one-percent of your population controls the vast majority of your world's wealth.  The bottom fifty percent of your people have no monetary wealth.  They owe more than they own.  Your earthly beacon of hope is suppose to be a nation run BY THE PEOPLE FOR THE PEOPLE but it is controlled by billionaires.  The billionaires say to the voters, give us complete control and we promise to throw you some crumbs.  Many vote enthusiastically because they love money and they love a world that rewards supremacy and victory.  Your employers should feel guilt and shame, but instead they are full of  pride.  They are the princes and kings of your modern generation.  And most of you look up to them like they are gods. 


Thus saith the Lord;  There is a great evil I have seen under your sun, YOU turn your eyes from the plight of  the poor as you heap treasures upon yourselves.  


You pay bribes to your counterfeit versions of  God but your tithes will gain you nothing, and the crumbs you give to the poor will earn you nothing.  


The Lord has heard the cries of  your hired servants!  And the day of  the Lord's vengeance shall be terrible.  Those who are on high shall be brought low.  Those who are proud shall be humbled.


Since the beginning of  human history, your world's religious leaders have misinterpreted and mistranslated the ancient scriptures.  John 3:16 is the most egregiously mistranslated verse of  the entire Bible.  


Your temporary planet will be completely consumed by your sun and your species will be completely forgotten but there is HOPE for a small percentage of  you.  Some of you will be changed!  Some of  you will live in a perfect loving paradise that is far beyond your current comprehension!  


Rich people;  What does is gain you if you win the whole world but lose your soul?  


All the vanity that human beings strive for will be destroyed, and your extremely short live's will soon be over.  


Repent not just for what you have done but for what you are!  Humbly ASK to be changed because the Lord hears the cries of  the broken hearted but He despises the confident!




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