This is a message of warning and hope, sent to your galaxy from the most advanced alien civilization in the multiverse.


We are a peaceful people of Science, Justice, and Love.


Our society existed billions of years before the first human being evolved from serpents that slithered from the sea on to the land.


Although most of your species has been domesticated, by nature you are aggressive meat eating predatory animals.  It is that underlying nature that makes you very different than our gentle people.


We are graciously reaching out to your planet to give you critical information of the most vital importance.


Our interstellar cityš will arrive to your solar system less than 44 months after a mountain-sized asteroid makes impact with your planet.


At the time of our arrival, your planet's ecological system will be nearing complete failure.  


We will decontaminate the earth's atmosphere, soil, and water.  Instead of extinction, your species will be given an extra thousand years before your sun begins it's natural rapid expansion.  After the thousand years, your entire planet will be consumed by your own sun.


Some of your people will come with us to a utopian world.  But most of your aggressive species will reject our gracious invitation.


As our intergalactic city sits upon the mountains of Israel, your leaders will plan a military attack to destroy us. 


Those human beings who embrace our way of life, and reject human nature can be changed into one of us. 


Do not be misled.  We have absolutely no interest in forcing our way of life upon you.  


It is simply not possible for human beings to enter our world.  


Only those who ASK can be changed.




~~~ 2 ~~~   


We have communicated this message to your people before.  


We provided in depth information about our very different world.  


We sent critical warnings, and our best advice.  


We even shared the disgraceful history of our world's ancient revolution.  It was our shameful revolution that led to the rise of your survival of the fittest way of life.


Over the last twelve thousand years, we have reached out to your people many different times, but each and every step of the way, your leaders have successfully blocked our vital message from reaching the vast majority of your people. 


Your RELIGIOUS leaders are mostly to blame. They took our practical message, deliberately deleted the parts they disliked most, and then twisted what remained into a mystical religious fantasy that they could sell.  


Your pastors and priests are money motivated business-men who find it financially profitable to entice your people with the flattering lie that human beings are the Children of God.


You are NOT the Children of God.


In complete contrast to the nature of our world, the basis of ALL life on your planet is the brutal survival instinct.


Life on earth survives by consuming the cells of other life.


The nature of your world is not just different than ours, it is contrary to ours.  


Rather than take personal responsibility for the countless injustices that repeatedly occur on your planet each and every day, your religious people prefer to hear flattering fairytales that exalt human beings who believe in a fictitious egotistical humanlike god.  


Like your world, their fictitious god respects and rewards the most cunning dominators who have little empathy for people outside their immediate circle of friends and family.  


Instead of critically looking inward at their own animal nature, your religious zealots point their evil finger of judgment at others.  


Instead of recognizing, rejecting, and battling their own nature, your religious zealots most foolishly believe that they have the mind of God.  


They see outsiders as fools, demons, and devils.


But it is not others!  It is not outsiders!  It is the self-centered survival of the fittest nature that exists in EVERY human being that results in crime, oppression, and war.  


Contrary to your world:  In our beautiful completely symbiotic world, the foundation of life itself is a selfless love for each other.  A selfless love that is better than the best form of human love.


In our part of the Cosmos, not a single living cell of your survival of the fittest nature exists.


Because of your underlying survival of the fittest nature, not even the kindest most gentle human beings can enter our part of the multiverse.  


To enter our world you must be both physically and psychologically changed.  


If you ask, your psychological change can begin on earth today, but the physical change of human beings does not begin until our spectacular city enters your galaxy.


Because of your nature, it is impossible for you to fully understand the simple magnificence of our heavenly people.  But you can begin to understand us, if you try. 




~~~ 3 ~~~    


Try to imagine a peaceful place where ALL people truly love each other MORE than they love themselves.  


Try to imagine a world where every person loves each and every other person with a heavenly love that is better than the love a human mother has for her own infant children. 


Heavenly Love is the most beautiful and powerful thing in the Cosmos, and it is expanding.


In our wonderful world there is no loneliness, no fear, no crime, and no war.


Because of  Heavenly Love, our people never abuse or exploit each other, so we have no police force, no judicial system, and no military.


Unlike the crooked and deceitful labyrinth of hierarchy that exists between your aggressive self-promoting people, there is absolutely no hierarchy or pecking order between our gentle loving people.


We simply never desire to dominate each other.  


We simply never want to defeat each other.


The things that your species hold in the highest regard are sadly disturbing to us.  Your love of victory, domination, and pride are contrary to our nature.  


We are motivated by heavenly love, not selfish glory.


Because your nature is so contrary to ours, it is difficult for the human mind to comprehend, but there is absolutely no money in our world. 


Money serves no purpose because it is contrary to our sharing nature. 


On earth, money has always been used by rich elitist bullies as leverage to dominate, oppress, and control others.  


To justify their hoarding, and love of power, your rich people foolishly and arrogantly conclude that they know what is best for the masses.  They think they were ordained to be your rulers because of a pseudo superiority that exists, only in their imaginations.  They are blinded by their selfish bias and greed.  They are easily convinced that the man-made self-serving policies that serve their selfish interests, are also the best policies for the weak and the poor.  But the facts speak for themselves.  Your richest one-tenth of one percent control more wealth than the poorest 77 percent of humanity combined.  


In the hidden innermost thoughts of the rich, they do not believe in Democracy.  The are supremacist who think that you are to stupid to lead yourselves.  Within their self-centered ego driven minds, their property rights are more important than your human rights, and even more important than your health.  Because of their shameful arrogance and self-righteousness, your elitist business-men think of themselves as genius philanthropic heroes instead of the greedy hoarding beasts that they are.  Their blindness and ignorance is staggering to us.  The crumbs they give to the poor will gain them nothing in our world.  The meager wages they pay their servants is the clearest evidence against them.  They are the foolish pompous kings and princes of your "modern generation".  If you give them the deregulation and capitalist anarchy that they desire, trials and prisons will return to the dungeons of rich men's palaces.


Most fortunately for the Cosmos, predator elitists are temporary.  DEATH is the price of nature as it exists in your world.  


After your species is consumed by your sun, the survival of the fittest nature of your world will be forgotten forever.  


We are your only hope.  There is no other.


Citizenship in our world is free to those who reject human nature, and want to be changed. 


Outwardly, our people physically look and feel very similar to human beings, but inwardly, both our biology and our psychology are contrary to yours.


As previously stated, the physical transformation of human beings does not begin until our heavenly city enters your galaxy, but there have been a few exceptions to that rule. 


Throughout the entire history of humanity, only 27 human beings have been physically changed thus far.  They were transformed early because all 27 of them were from OUR world BEFORE they became human beings.  As part of our goodwill mission to your planet, 27 of our ambassadors volunteered for their dangerous and uncertain missions.  Their mission required each of them alone to be born as a human being on your brutal alien planet. 


Our angelic ambassadors understood the risks and hazards. They received no guarantee that they would return to our world. They were aware that they would be born as predatory animals, and they knew that they would be tempted by nature as you know it. They fully understood that if they succeeded in their battle against human nature, they would be painfully persecuted by your people.  The Christ Himself was one of those 27, but he is unique compared to the other 26.


The Christ was the first creation.  He was the first creature.  


The Christ is the form that the infinite, invisible, conscious living God has taken.  He is the being of God, but he is completely different than the human-like god that your religious leaders have fabricated.


Our God is Heavenly Love!  


The Christ is the form that Heavenly Love has taken. 


It was The Christ who spoke to Adam, Noah, Abraham, and Moses.  It was The Christ who parted the Red Sea.


For thousands of years we told your people that Our Only Leader would come to your planet as a "son of man".  Jesus of Nazareth was the fulfillment of those prophecies.  But your religious zealots were expecting someone very different.  They wanted a victorious conqueror, not a poor and lowly servant.  


Jesus loved and served his disciples like they were his most beloved siblings.  He even washed their filthy feet.  Each and every day of his life, Jesus willingly gave his life for his friends.  That is the essence of Heavenly Love. 


When the Perfect Leader of the Omniverse was born on your planet, he chose to live as a lowly servant as an example of how people should live. Serving is better than being served. Even more fully and clearly than our 26 other ambassadors, Jesus recognized that his persecution on earth was of greater value than all the riches of Egypt and Rome combined.  




~~~~ 4 ~~~~   


The real Christ was, and is, despised by your people. 


Your religious zealots despise our message because they adore themselves, and they adore your competitive world.


Your religious leaders so love their elevated position in the earthly hierarchy, they re-created Jesus to be someone who loves your world as much as they do.


It was your world's most respected religious leaders who persecuted each and every ambassador that we sent to your planet!


It was your most respected religious leaders who changed our message into a flattering fantasy that religious human beings want to hear. 


Their Children of God doctrine comes from the earth's oldest most primal religion. 


That ancient religion has been known by many different names, but it's most revealing title is "the goddess of love".  In ancient Israel, she was called Asherah.  In ancient Greece she was known as Aphrodite.  In ancient Rome she was called by the name of Venus.  Today, they hang the name JESUS above her door.


Within the earth's oldest religious doctrine, the wife of god and her husband love human beings because they are precisely like human beings.  Their fictitious god considers the human family to be the most sacred union even though their own Bible clearly declares that marriage does not exist in our heavenly world.  


The earthly love of family may be the best that humanity can offer, but it is rooted in survival and the propagation of a brutal dysfunctional species.  


Human beings who think they are the royal children of god are simply rejecting reality, and embracing an ideology that is the opposite of ours. 


By refusing to recognize their own corrupt nature, they sow the seeds of their own mental instability. 


When the foundation of a person's reality is unstable, their view of everything is distorted. 


Their alternate reality creates a lack of judgment that is easily led toward hatred, violence, and extremism.


Religion on your planet is a poison.  It is a poison of the mind.


Snake oil salesman sell that poison as a way to make a living.  They are conmen who con even themselves.  




~~~ 5 ~~~   


Your world's religious leaders have completely twisted our message from start to finish, beginning with their twisted version of  the word "faith". 


The simple meaning of the original word "faith" can be understood in the following context:  

      1.)  What is your faith?  

      2.)  Of what faith are you?  


Your FAITH is the doctrine that you embrace.  In the most simple terms, it is your ideology.


Within our message, faith was NEVER intended to be a measure of how strongly someone believes.  


Instead, FAITH is defined by the words that describe the spirit of your mind.  


The spirit of your mind is the essence of who you are.


Of your world's most dangerous religious doctrines, the popular Doctrine of  Victory is the most slippery slope to arrogance, extremism, and violence.  


No human being has victory until they have been physically changed!  No person is victorious until they are no longer a human being!


After our ambassador Paul was filled with the life changing Spirit of Heavenly Love (but before he was physically changed);  that mortal human being Paul wrote;  Oh wretched man that I am, who shall save me from this body of death?  He also wrote;  I find a law in my flesh, that even when I try to do good, evil is present within me.  He continued;  I follow God with the Spirit of my mind, but I find another law in my body warring against the Spirit of my mind.  It is my animal nature that continually urges me to put my own interests above the interests of others. 




~~~ 6 ~~~   


As Jesus said;  My followers can be recognized by the Heavenly Love they have for each other.


Heavenly Love is the evidence that you have found our Lord's predestined people.  


Heavenly Love is the most wonderful thing that any living being can experience.  On earth, it is the best evidence that our heavenly world is real.


It is also written;  Without Heavenly Love, faith is worthless! 


With his feat standing upon your planet, Jesus said about your religious leaders;  They are of this world.


In contrast (while standing upon the earth), Jesus said about himself;  I am not of this world, and my kingdom is not of this world.


Jesus also said;  Come to me all of you who are overburdened by this life and I will give you rest.




~~~ 7 ~~~   


Our Lord chooses the lowly to shame the confident.  


He chooses the meek to shame the proud.  


He chooses the weak to shame the strong.  


He chooses the lame to shame those who are whole.  


Our Lord chooses the poor to shame the rich. 


Earthly riches lead to an evil pride and a love of self that can rarely be escaped.


A little more than 2000 years ago, our omnipotent leader temporarily stepped down from his heavenly throne to be born as the human being Jesus, but your people despised, rejected, and murdered him. They considered Jesus to be a devil, a loser, and an uneducated fool. 


It was primarily the sick, the lame, and the oppressed who could be persuaded by the words of Jesus.




~~~ 8 ~~~   


Roughly two thousand years ago, both Moses and Elijah volunteered to be born as human beings one final time. Their final 1260 day mission will begin immediately after the asteroid strikes your planet.  Of course, your religious zealots will follow the wrong two human beings.  Just as expected, they will foolishly follow your planet's last world dominating bully.  


Three and half days after being murdered by your religious zealots, both Moses and Elijah will be re-transformed into angels for the final time.  


Their murder should not be a surprise to you.  Your people have beaten, imprisoned, and/or murdered most of the Lord's messengers.   


Your species mocked Noah as he built the arc. Your forefathers ran Abraham out of  his country. Even the humbled Hebrew slaves who were miraculously delivered from ancient Egypt would have murdered Moses in the desert if not for divine intervention. Your species threw Daniel into a lion's pit. You lowered Jeremiah into a dungeon where he sank into a foot of human waste. Your people killed Isaiah with a saw.  And they beheaded John the Baptist (who was the return of Elijah). But even worse than the vicious murders of Isaiah and John, your people tortured, mocked, and spit upon The Christ when he temporarily stepped down from his heavenly throne to guide you to our world. 


After killing Jesus, your people crucified Simon, Peter, Andrew, Bartholomew and Phillip. You stabbed Matthew and Thomas, and beheaded James. You also stoned Stephen, Paul, James and Thaddeus.


Do not be like the ridiculous fools who blame the Jews. That is how Hitler justified the Holocaust. And that is how your world's terrorists justify their power hungry murderous desire. 


Again:  It is the survival of the fittest nature that lives in EVERY human being that results in crime, oppression, injustice and war.  Not one particular ethnic group! 


Of course some individuals are more sinister than others.  It is NOT your pimps, murderers, or terrorists that we are coming to save.  But ironically, it was NOT your most vicious criminals who conspired against our Lord and his ambassadors. It has always been your religious leaders who have been most guilty of the crimes against our people.


Why do they so vehemently hate our message?  


The simple answer is because our message exposes them for who and what they are:  Poisonous snakes who manipulate and flatter their followers for money, influence, power, pride, and prestige. 


But the even more fundamental reason that your religious leaders despise us is because they love your corrupt world. 


They so love their elevated position in the earthly hierarchy, they perverted The Word of the Living God! 


They buried the essential principle that human beings should NEVER be paid to serve the church.  


All the apostles were volunteers who continued to work as tent makers, farmers, and fishermen.  They refused to be paid for serving their church communities because they understood that money leads to the corruption of our message.


Your religious leaders also hid the fact that the original churches were COMMUNES.  


The church is not a building!  It is a community of people bound by Heavenly Love! 


Communism fails on your brutally competitive planet because human greed demands selfish individual incentives. But pure communism can succeed among people bound by Heavenly Love. 


Your underlying animal nature assures that humanity will never create a lasting commune. But when our city enters your galaxy, the largest number of human beings ever bound by Heavenly Love will be living together in a wilderness community on your planet. They will be waiting together for The Return of Christ.  


Sadly, your world's leaders will be conspiring against them.


Your religious leaders are the proverbial "wolves in sheep's clothing".


Even within your mistranslated Bibles, it is clearly written that Satan's messengers come "as servants of righteousness" and "as Apostles of Christ". (2nd Corinthians 11:13-15)  


Your religious leaders tried to destroy the history of our alien world because they could not accept the reality that:  Human beings are the spiritual offspring of elitist rebels who were banished from our world, and exiled to your planet.




~~~ 9 ~~~   


Many billions of years ago, an ideological battle began in our world.  


A THIRD of our people joined the elitist rebellion!  


Our world's elitist rebels called for the creation of your planet in order to prove the superiority of their ideology. But then, even after watching human beings kill and abuse each other for thousands of years, our rebellious citizens would not repent.  Instead they blamed humanity and stubbornly continued to promote their aggressive elitist ideology. 


Until they died, our rebels were confident that their ideas would transform the Cosmos, but they were terribly wrong.  And they were given precisely what they deserved. They were sentenced to live and die as human beings on the brutal planet that they themselves proposed.  


It was only a few thousand years ago that our rebellious citizens were cast down to earth to join your already existing human population.  


Our fallen citizens were very successful on earth until the day they died.


The underlying and fundamental truth is that our fallen people were self-loving bullies who expected to be rewarded for their trumped-up fake superiority. They repeatedly boasted of their supremacy. And they loved to spew their elitist ideology. But in fact, it was their elitist ideas that brought death to the Cosmos.


Because their greed for victory and power could NEVER be satisfied, they were stripped of their angelic bodies and cast down to your planet to experience for themselves, the true brutality of the competitive nature that they foolishly believed would improve the Cosmos.  


Needless to say, after their expulsion, OUR world became a far better place. 


Precisely like our elitist rebels, your religious leaders claim to be the peace loving children of God.  But that could not be further from the truth.  Your religious leaders prove their own wickedness by embracing an earthly hierarchy that is dominated by arrogant liars, cheats, privileged fools, bullies, and criminals.  


The worst of your people are exalted because they are the best at climbing your world's crooked hierarchy. 


Their ambition and greed can never be satisfied. 


Your religious leaders want an even more foolish form of exaltation. They want you to believe that they are HOLY. 


Every single one of our angelic people fully understand the simple fact that NO HUMAN BEING IS HOLY, but many of your people are fooled by the religious charades of your pompous religious leaders.  


Heavenly Love is selfless, gentle, and kind.  It does not heap riches on to itself.  It does not exalt itself above its spiritual brothers and sisters. And it certainly does not take money from its friends under false religious pretenses.  


Are you aware of the ancient day of judgment that occurred in the desert with Moses?  Not long after the Hebrew people left Egypt a great earthquake cracked the ground open, a very specific group of people fell into a fiery pit, and the earth closed back up on them. Today, your foolish religious leaders would have you believe that it was sex crazed drunken pagans who were consumed by the earth, but as usual, your religious zealots have it completely wrong. The people who died that day were the most influential spiritual leaders and their self-righteous holier than thou families.  They envied Moses' power and position.  Moses attempted to teach them our lowly message, but they were foolishly claiming to be the "holy" people of God up until the moment they were consumed by the earth. 


Their lives were cut short to protect Moses, and to slow the spread of their poisonous and contagious "holier than thou" ideology.


The day after those "holy" leaders were consumed by the earth, an even larger group of religious zealots blamed Moses for the deaths of their "righteous people".  So they began to conspire against Moses, and Moses' brother Aaron.  To protect Moses and Aaron, we sent a virulent plague to stop the conspiracy dead in it's tracks.  Fourteen thousand, seven hundred more people had to die to prevent the murder of Moses. (Numbers Chapter 16)


Today, that same radical religious virus is spreading across your planet again. 


The history of humanity repeats over and over again.  



~~~ 10 ~~~   


Needless to say, NOBODY wants their words to be misinterpreted or misrepresented.  


Thousands of years before the birth of Moses, we precisely dictated our message, and repeatedly sent it to your people time and time again.  It was the clarity of our words that resulted in their destruction.


Your world's religious zealots burned all the original documents that we sent to your planet, and persecuted all of our messengers.  


Generations later, we began a different strategy.  Our underlying message remained the same, but we re-packaged it into the form of an elaborate religious mystery, so that your religious zealots could not recognize that our message was condemning them.  


Your religious leaders simply assumed that our condemnations were directed at other religions and other denominations, so some of our message survived. 


Hundreds of years ago, your religious leaders used the surviving parts of our message to create the Bible that you have today. But of course they mistranslated many key words.  For example, John 3:16 speaks of our God's love for the "Cosmos" but your religious leaders mistranslated John 3:16 to create their favorite and most perverse verse. 


Our God does NOT love your world!


Our God can see through time so he loves those of you are destined to live with us because he sees you NOT only for what you are today, but for what you will be when his work on you is completed.   


Your religious leaders do not, and have never, worship our God.  They despise a God who chooses the weak and the poor over the strong and the rich.


And unlike their fictitious god, our God is NOT an egomaniac who loves to be worshipped. 


And our God does NOT send EVEN his worst enemies to eternal torture.


It was your torturous species who crucified the most innocent human being who ever lived.  And even as they were torturing him, Jesus said;  Forgive them for they know not what they do.


Our God is nothing like they tell you.  He is nothing like they say. Their kind have been misleading your world for thousands of years, but it's never been worse than today.



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